The best orthodontics treatments only in Institut Ortodòncia Barcelona

Children Orthodontics
Most little children often have dental malpositions, trauma or cross bite that advise orthodontic treatment. More info
Ortopedia-facial-institut-ortodoncia-barcelonaAdult orthodontics
In adult bones are no longer growing and these could have loss of teeth as well as insufficient previous treatments. More info
Ortopedia-facial-institut-ortodoncia-barcelonaFacial Orthopedics
Maxillary and jaw problems are corrected and facial structures are harmonized due to the balance of the soft tissues of the teeth. More info
Ortopedia-facial-institut-ortodoncia-barcelonaLingual Orthodontics

The invisible lingual braces Incognito is a way to bring these appliances without be noticed with an excellent result.

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Ortopedia-facial-institut-ortodoncia-barcelona Invisalign

Invisalign aligners do not irritate your mouth with wires or metal parts; They are removable, transparent and invisible. More info

Suresmile institut ortodoncia barcelona doctor david huertas shorten treatment bracesSuresmile

We have one single goal, to provide you with THE PERFECT SMILE. SureSmile shortens the treatment time to a minimum.

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We recommend to not overlook any of these dental problems


We treat infectious diseases affecting the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth to prevent tooth loss.

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Prevention is the best cure to prevent oral diseases. This must begin with a proper daily hygiene.We teach you!

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It is the unconscious action of grinding or clenching intensely. Reflects the stress in the teeth and the mouth is considered.

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The passage of time, lack of hygiene, excessive consumption of coffee and snuff, etc. make many people can not show off beautiful teeth.

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In 90% of cases, bad breath from the mouth and is produced by bacterial decomposition and has a solution improving self-esteem .

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Apnea and snoring

Behind snoring may be a disease, 50% of the population snore and sleep disorders affect many people.

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