Tooth brush, electric or manual?

Many patients ask us if the electric tooth brush is better that the manual tooth brush.
We can affirm that the electric tooth brush is more effective than the manual one in its efficiency, since the latter ends up being slower, but also doesn’t clean as well since it applies less pressure on our teeth and barely reaches the spaces between the teeth in order to remove the tartar, the bacterial plaque and impurities.
And if you do not beleive it, you just have to make a test, brush daily with a conventiolan brush for a month and afterwards change by using an electric tooth brush, you’ll see a big difference, as if your teeth hadn’t been cleaned.
Even though there are many types of electric tooth brushes, there are studies which indicate that “the oscilating rotating ones show a better effectiveness when brushing, since they eliminate the most bacterial plaque, which is the main cause of gum inflamation and the appearance of cavities”.


Present tooth brushes, include timers and pressure alarms to avoid gum damage. The most recent market models can be connected to your cell phone via bluetooth.

Dr. David Huertas recommends the use of the electric tooth brush for children who demonstrate correctly how to use the tooth brush.


Many moms ask us if the electric tooth brush is also recommended for children, since they may view it as a toy and it is easier for them to reach all the areas of the mouth.
As of their third birthday, it is recommended to start teaching children how to clean their teeth, first with a manual brush and little by little graduating to an electric one.
There is a very effective way to know if your child cleans his teeth properly by using a prebrushing rinse which leaves blue stains where plaque remains. You can encourage children to clean their teeth, by giving them a prize after no blue stains appear: The much desired electric brush.


With braces it is specially important to brush properly the teeth and the use of the electric brush facilitates the effectiveness of the brushing.
From the Institut Ortodòncia Barcelona, Dr. David Huertas offers you a simple recommendation in using specific heads which permit you to reach all the oral nooks and crannies since the filaments are specially designed for easy cleaning around the orthodontic appliances and the braces without damage.
If you’ve chosen the Invisalin orthodontics, the care of your oral hygiene is simpler and you can continue using the normal head or if you prefer the heads for specific zones as well.

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Dr. David Huertas

Licenciado en odontología por la Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona 1992. Certificado en ortodoncia por la Universidad de Pennsylvania, Filadelfia, 1999. Desde 1999 dirijo el Institut Ortodòncia Barcelona

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