When sport is the main danger for your teeth

The season of skiing, skating or snowboarding has started and with it our childrens sporty activities; These raise the risks of accidents and falls on hard surfaces.

Mouth guards are made up of an elastic plastic, they protect the teeth and maxilar zone from possible trauma. Therefore, mouth guards are not only important to avoid dental problems, but also facial fractures that in the long terms could promote deformities in the face. It can also help protect neck pain and cerebral commotions. 

When do we need dental guard?

Besides the protection of a helmet to avoid head injuries, many of the maxillary bone fractures promote broken teeth and jaw disorders, etc. That’s why if we participante in such activities of risk we suggest the use of mouth guards.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends to use dental guard

In Spain it’s use is not common but in the United States the American Association of orthodontists,  estimates that mouth guards protects up to 200,000 oral fractures a year.  The Dr. Huertas member of the AAO association recommends  that the use of bocal protection be mandatory during any sport, specially contact sports professionally or for leisure.

An example of these is rugby or martial arts. As well as any sport with a stick like hockey or baseball. It is not strange to think that rugby is one of the sports that promotes a high amount of dental trauma but it can be just as dangerous as basketball (36% of the players suffer dental accidents) and martial arts (32%). Hockey is one of the sports with less dental accidents (11.5%), but the specialists believe that this is due to their acknowledgment on the advantages of using mouth guards.

Sport injuries are the main cause for teeth loss in adults

Dr. huertas, of Institut Ortodoncia Barcelona, alerts that in many cases is because they do not use a mouth guard or because they do not use mouth guards or because it is not properly adapted to your teeth. Dr. huertas recommends the mandatory use of a mouth guard for the majority of sports, specially with children because if they get used to using mouth guards as children it will be easier for it to become more popular.

Dr. huertas explains: “I see very often the psycological and physical damage that cause a dental trauma of losing  a teeth specially in kids that are not used to fix until they are grown ups. Accidents happens so is better safe than sorry“.

In case of emergency during the orthodontic treatment please do no hesitate to call the office of Dr. Huertas 93 206 60 36. We will evaluate the injuries of the maxilar for a diagnosis and it will be totally free of charge. When we have an accident of this matter it is important to have inmediatelly intervention with a profesional to avoid future consecuences.

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Dr. David Huertas

Licenciado en odontología por la Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona 1992. Certificado en ortodoncia por la Universidad de Pennsylvania, Filadelfia, 1999. Desde 1999 dirijo el Institut Ortodòncia Barcelona

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