What is SureSmile®

A normal orthodontic treatment requires a manual adjustment by the orthodontist. SureSmile, is a technological revolution personalized for each patient that shortens the treatment period and improves the treatment outcome, obtaining a perfect smile.

The Institut Ortodoncia Barcelona commitment to new technologies can be seen as it is the only clinic in Barcelona that supports the SureSmile technology to conduct a unique and effective treatment for each patient. With this technique Dr. David Huertas and his team displayed via the new 3M ™ True Definition Scanner full picture of the arcades and the specific SureSmile software can study the desired position of teeth for a perfect smile.

The customized SureSmile technology, based on the introduction of a robot in the manufacturing of the individual arches for each patient, results on 30% reduction of the treatment time and improves the final results.

Advantages of SureSmile®

Improves the outcome of your orthodontics treatment
The treatment time is much faster
More accurate results than traditional braces
SureSmile® is proven effectiveness

Reinventing orthodontics in Barcelona

The traditional way of orthodontists to achieve a beautiful smile was to make a personalized treatment consisting of a manual adjust of the wires, that had to be done monthly. However this method can not avoid unwanted teeth movements that lengthen the treatment.

The new technology of the new 3M ™ True Definition Scanner, allows in a few minutes, the obtaining of a complete 3D image of the patient’s arcades. Until now, to obtain a denture mold, it was necessary for the patient to bite on a silicone or alginate paste and wait a while until it hardened. This process often lacked of precision and had to be repeated, which could generate an overwhelming feeling to the patient.

With the new 3M ™ True Definition Scanner and with the use of the unique SureSmile system, in Institut Ortodoncia Barcelona we guarantee that our patients feature the latest technology in their brackets for the benefit of their smile.

Advantages of 3M™ True Definition Scanner

More comfort and patient satisfaction
Fewer visits
Respect for the environment
Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

"With SureSmile the patient is only having 1-2 wire changes, unlike traditional otrhodontics treatments, in which many changes and adjustments wires are needed. That's essentially what SureSmile is: traditional braces without the unnecessary movements."

How it works: SureSmile®

Until now, orthodontists have not been able to use these wires due to the need to reach very high temperatures. Only SureSmile robotic technology allows high temperature bend in a much more accurate way.SureSmile wires are produced by Copper and Titanium Nickel, the ideal alloys for the teeth movement, which are often used in the early stages of the treatment. This precision results in a reduction of the treatment time and an improvement in the quality of the tooth movement.

How 3M ™ True Definition Scanner works

The doctor, as if it were a camera, will go over the patient arcade with a cannula or wand while watching as it generates on a monitor, analyzes the arcade gathering the shape data. The obtained information allows the genaration of a three-dimensional digital model at the time, without any radiation or adverse effect on patient health, or the doctor, or his assistants. 3M ™ True Definition Scanner has the smallest and most comfortable wands that exist, which allows a quick, easy and stress-free scanning.